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iSquare is the official distributor of all Apple products in Greece and Cyprus since 2009 and a member of the Quest Group. The strategic goal of iSquare is to establish the use and dissemination of the Apple product experience in the Greek and Cypriot market. Since its establishment, iSquare has been a pioneer in creating and offering a complete ecosystem of Apple products and services to bring Greek consumers closer to Apple and its amazing products, which is also its strategic goal.
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What characterizes iSquare is its people and their dedication to offering high-level products, services, and customer service to Greek and Cypriot consumers through its network.
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Apple Premium Resellers

iSquare creates an extensive sales network with full geographical coverage by investing appropriately, developing a pioneering network of stores exclusively for Apple products based on the Apple Premium Resellers model, and creating special Apple areas (Apple Retail Programs) within its partners' stores. At the same time, it invests in continuous and in-depth training of its Network so that pre- and post-sales support meets the high quality standards of Apple and iSquare.

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Since 2019 and for four consecutive years, iSquare has been in the Top 20 of Greece's "Most Admired companies" according to Fortune magazine.

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Sole Proprietorship Informatics and Telecommunications Company

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iSquare S.M.S.A.
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Single Member Private S.A.
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Quest for Excellence

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